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Pics of me and my Friends

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NYE 2010 - Annapolis~Middleton's Tavern

Annual Grinch Party - Dec. 2007

Pictures from 2006

My Birthday Party in 2004

My Birthday Party in 2000 - Sandy & Joe's surprise party for me

ME!!!!! - Pictures of ME!!!!

more ME!!!!! - more pics of Me!!!

Pages of the Girls~For the Guys

Annapolis - Trips to Annapolis w/Amy

Amy - Amy's Page

Tracey - Tracey's Page

Tracey's Birthday - Tracey's Birthday Party ~ 2006

Kris - Miller-Beer's Page

Candy's Wedding

Christine's B-Day Party - June 2005

Sandy - Sandy's Page

Sandy comes home to visit - June 2005

Sandy moves to Germany - January 2005

Sandy gets MARRIED - - New Year's Eve 2004

Sandy's Bachelorette Parties - December 2004

Sandy's Christmas Party 2003 - Party at Sandy & Joe's

Sandy's Halloween Party 2000 - Party at Sandy & Joe's

Michelle - Michelle's Page

Michelle's Wedding - Michelle & Charlie's Wedding

Pages of the Guys~For the Girls

Friends - Pictures of the Guys!!!!!!

Chris - It's all about Christopher!!!

Josh - This would be Josh's Page!!!

Josh - Josh's good-bye Party in Phila

Lots of Socializing Pics

Halloween 2005 - Halloween Bus Party - 2005

Friends 2005 - Pics of my friends and I - 2005

Friends 2004 - Pics of my friends and I - 2004

Friends 2003 - Pics of my friends and I - 2003

Friends - up to 2002 - More pics of my friends and I!!!!

Friends - 90s - Weekends, from the 90s, at Jeffrey's

New Year's Eve ~ 2004 - Leighe Anne's Party

Christmas ~ 2004 - Nothing stops us!!!!!

Summer 2004-The Big Banquet & Game

Mardi Gras - Mardi Gras Party 2004

90s Reunion in 2003 - The Reunion of the 90s in 2003

Toga Party 2003 - Toga Party in August 2003

Halloween '2002 - Halloween '2002!!!

Annual Events

Jubilee Day 2005 - Here we go again!!!!

Jubilee Day 2003 - Another annual party!!!!

St Patrick's Day ~ 2005 - Another annual party!!!!

The Grinch Party 2003 - Jim's Annual Tradition

Preakness '97 turned into Atlantic City -the Annual Party ~ except when it rains!!

Preakness '95 -the Annual Party!!

Preakness '94 -the Annual Party!!

Super Bowl '95 - Super Bowl Party ~ 1995

Nelly Pics

Super Bowl Party @ Nelly's 2005 - GO~WHO????? What team are we for again?

Nelly's-Tasha - In Memory of Tasha

Nelly's 2004 - More Nelly Pics

Nelly Pics - Always a party at Nellys!!!!

New Year's '02 - at Nellys!!!!

New Year's '01 - at Nellys!!!!

Band Chasing Pics

BHD-Another band we like

Smile Empty Soul- Smile Empty Soul Concert

The New Band - 1st Show - SideTracked - 1st Show - 3/19/04

The New Band - Practice Pics of SideTracked at their final practice location

The New Band-Practice Room #2 - Practice Pics of SideTracked

The New Band - Old Practice Pics of SideTracked

Pics From My Many Years On The Road

LA 2003 - Trip to LA in August 2003 - say good-bye to MIS

New York - 2003 - NY Reunion Dinner for the "originals"

LA July 2001 - Company Picnic in LA

Pittsburgh - Nov. 2000 - Last Trip under original company San Diego - Sept. 2000 - Trip to San Diego and LA, CA

Philadelphia - May. 2000 - Many trips to Phila to "hide" with the VP of Ops, to get projects completed (still under construction)

Louisville - May 2000 - Louisville, KY - ERP Roll-out (still under construction)

Jacksonville - April 2000 - Jacksonville, FL - ERP Roll-out

Christmas - Christmas Party in Phila '99

Ft. Lee, NJ - Nov. 1999 - Meetings for ERP Roll-out

Virginia - April 1999 - Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA - Washington DC - POS Roll-out

San Francisco - March 1999 - San Francisco, CA - POS Roll-out CA

Key Biscayne - Sept. 1998

NY Conversion Meeting New York - Sept. 1998

Conversion #8 - Oct. 1998- Salt Lake City, UT - Indianapolis, IN - Louisville, KY- Performed at API Corporate office, Minneapolis - Sorry, no pics.

Conversion #7 - Sept. 1998- (The Twin Cities) St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN - Austin, El Paso, and San Antonio, Texas - Pittsburgh, PA - Performed at API Corporate office, Minneapolis - Sorry, no pics.

Oklahoma City-Conversion #6 - Sept. 1998 - Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK - St. Louis, MO - Performed at API Call Center Bldg., Oklahoma City

Chicago-Conversion #5 - Aug. 1998 - Chicago, IL - Madison and Milwaukie, WI - Performed in Chicagoland

Orlando-Tampa-Conversion #4 - July 1998 - Orlando, Tampa, and Ft. Myers, FL - Performed in Orlando and Tampa

Las Vegas, NV - July 1998 - Mid-Year Meetings

Jacksonville-Ft. Lauderdale-Conversion #3 - July 1998 - Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami, FL - Performed in Ft. Lauderdale

Jacksonville-Ft. Lauderdale-Conversion #3 - July 1998 -Set up for Conversion Operations Training Team in Jacksonville (PC Support was short so I filled in) and long lay-over in Tampa to visit with family

DC-Conversion #2- June 1998 - Washington DC - Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA - Performed in DC

Phoenix-Conversion #1 - May 1998 -Phoenix and Tucson, AZ - Performed in Phoenix

Minneapolis - March/April 1998 - Numerous trips to API Corporate offices in Minneapolis and Madison WI, to map data for conversions

Oklahoma City - March 1998 - Trip to API Call Center to learn their system and develop Operational Conversion plan

Tucson, AZ - March 1998 - Meeting with API IT Management to develop IT Conversion plan

Chicago - Jan. 1998 -Trip to Chicago for POS Roll-out

Christmas in New York - Dec. 1997 - Corporate Christmas Party in New York '97

Boston - Oct. 1997 -Numerous trips to Boston to manage POS Roll-out

Ft. Lee, NJ - Fall 1997 -Numerous trips to Ft. Lee for POS Development Meetings

Chicago - Fall 1997 -Chicagoland - where they think they know beaches

Long Island Meetings - Fall 1997 -Numerous trips to Long Island for development meetings

Washington DC - Jan. through June 1997 -Commuting to DC for 6 months

Worth A Look

Outspoken - Michelle's friend E is the lead singer. You HAVE 2 check them out & turn up your speakes for a listen!!

Badlees - The Badlees

Gene from New York - How I miss working with you but now I get to pick your brain for code!!

Josh from Colorado - Check out Josh's page.

Glenn from San Diego - Glenn- Your page is down again!!!! What's this I hear that you moved to Chicago?

the beach..........the beach..........the beach..........the beach..........the beach
Winter at the Beach-Ocean City, Maryland
I've been to lots of Beaches but OCMD is still my favorite! I love it in the Winter!!
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Beeper Babe, Beeper B#$^#, Beeper Bridgett
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Bethany '06

Jeff Gordon '06

YES, this IS me and Jeff Gordon. Summer 2006.....HAPPY HAPPY!!

Extra Extra!! ~~ Beeprb News ~~ Last Updated April 5, 2009
Latest Scoop~~
My little Tiffany passed away on February 16, 2009. I will be adding a page for her. We had 14 1/2 great years together and that was a very hard weekend to get through. Her mind was still a kitten but her body was failing her. Although she was a sweetheart to me, she made an enemy of just about everyone on this site! Her stories live on, with all that she drew blood from!!

September 1, 2004: I would like to remember my old friend and former co-worker Rob M., also known as my SPAM buddy. We worked together for 14 years and as we would often joke how we were the "original" old-timers of the company, he would always add that he had me by a few months. Rob fought his cancer for the last year and he will always be remembered for his courage and optimism throughout the battle. I still have the SPAM trophy, from you Rob, but don't be surprised if I give it back to you again when I join you!!
Rob Rob & I
This is a very old picture of Rob and I, at a wedding, but it is funny. They put us here, for this pic, because they said we received the "flagged" award, for the reception.

I also added a new page in memory of Tasha. Nelly's will not be the same without her!

Scoop on April 5, 2004~~
Alex came through his heart surgery,like a miracle, and then went back to his BAD HABITS a week later! Two months later and he is drinking, smoking, and staying up until the sun comes up, AGAIN!!! We went to Baltimore this past weekend and experienced, first hand, "Dude, where's my car?" Yes, Chuck's car was gone. Luckily, Frank's car was still there! So, after a few phone calls, a lovely drive into the bad side of town in an overstuffed car, and $210.00 later, we were on our way home with the sun rising! We have come to the conclusion that we cannot go anywhere without an event happening. At least we can say it is never boring!

The band now has a name and a first show, under their belts. Their name is SideTracked and they played their first show with the old Sharks! I added the pics for you to see so be sure to check out the new link!
I went to see Smile Empty Soul in March and they touched my body! hee hee I am BUMMED that the pictures didn't turn out. I put them up anyway just because I am with the band!! Check them out!

Old News~~
Frank, Chuck, Alex, and Bryan have joined together to form a new band. I would love to tell you what their name is but they have yet to agree on a name, for their band! As soon as they do, I will be sure to tell you! In the meantime, I will be adding a link of pics that I have taken, during their many practices. We seem to always be at practice since they upgraded from a practice storage unit to a real practice building. It helps that there is really heat now! They have named me the official-silent 5th member/manager. We are having a blast as long as we have lots of beer and coffee!! Outspoken came to town & I missed it!!!! ShatterX FINALLY has a real website. I added the link now so you can all check them out! Hopefully, they will book a show soon! Michelle, from Louisville, just had baby #2. Ella Corryn is absolutely beautiful and she has Michelle's red hair!! We just had a 90's reunion! It was great! We all had to wear an outfit from the 90s and create the old Jersey hair again. Check out the new link to see the pics! I also have quite a few new pics and changes throughout the site. Some of the old pages have been updated with new pics so be sure to go through the entire site. I put the Back and Forward buttons back to made it easier to flip through the pages. I have a lot more to add so keep checking back.

OLDER News~~
Haven't been to a Badlees show since Michelle went back to Kentucky!! I almost went to Derby with Michelle but had a conflict in my schedule(DAMN)so Miller-Beer and I are trying to get to Preakness again. That is, if Steve ever realizes that it is his turn to do the planning! Latest trips: NY (partied in Manhattan again and have pics that will be coming too). I'll be going to Jacksonville again, LA, San Diego, and Louisville!!!!!! I will have lots of pics of that weekend when Michelle and I go to the HILL!!! I'm finally planning the trip to the beach since I didn't get there all winter. The girls are back on the club-scene. Yes, me, Amy, and Sandy. I will try to get some pics next time.

Really Old News~~
Badlees and more Badlees-back on the band scene
NY, DC, WI, OK, & Chicagoland(where they THINK they know beaches)
Holidays-oh joy
B-day-not one to brag about this time.
Y2K-have to work-life sucks and then u die

Private Time
I'm still going out, dancing, hanging w/friends, chatting, working, but not traveling as much these days. I'm still a Jeff Gordon and Jeremy McGrath (when he actually races) fan. I find myself watching for Travis these days even though he screwed up Budds Creek this year. I've been trying to work on this website, when I can. It has been around for a long time and has needed quite the make-over.

Favorite Ending
OBKB Baby C-yaL8RLuvUBye


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